What better way to keep wonderful memories alive and close to you than with beautiful Memory stuffed animals. Every single item is uniquely designed and handcrafted with the outmost care and love to preserve your beautiful memories for many years to come. They can be made from children’s or adult size clothing, or blankets. Most fabrics work unless they are see-thru or if material is too thick. A suggested size needed is listed. Please note SMALLER SIZES WORK as well. Just need extra pieces or a blanket to complete the animal. Or I can add matching fabric to the back at no additional cost. 


Please visit and like us on facebook.com/dylanellacreations You can find hundreds of keepsake pictures on our page. **our website only allows a few pictures to be posted**


*if you would like your keepsake to include a non removable bow for girls or bow tie for boys (*except boy puppies). please note it during check out.  If you DO NOT WANT A bow or bowtie, please make a note during check out as well. 


**If you are mailing multiple outfits and would like to use one as main fabric, or have special requests for the design of the keepsake, please make sure to include your notes during check out. 


Bears: 14" long approximately. Multiple (NB, 0-3, 3-6) outfits or a size 9 months or bigger if you only want to use one outfit. You can also combine multiple big outfits if you don't want just one color on the keepsake.



Memory Bear NO name